Say What?

C u 2nite, don’t b l8 4 d party! 

Seriously? It’s just annoying. We’ve all used it- come on, admit it- and personally, it’s just about as professional as a scribble on the wall with red crayon. And it’s everywhere! Forget about how unreadable it is. I mean, OK, chatting with friends like that is… acceptable. But apart from that, I think it just shows that you can’t be bothered to spell ‘like’ and ‘tonight’ properly. And guess what? In one thousand years’ time, maybe people in the future will examine the remains of our mobile phones and laptops, and discover our SMS conversations, our FaceBook chats and our emails. And they’ll say, “Those people from the 2000s were so stupid: they couldn’t even spell simple words like ‘thanks’ and ‘got to go’!”

K, gr8! Omg, gtg- ttyl !!!!! thx ppl 🙂

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